Personal Injury

Being injured by another can quickly turn your life upside down. Hospital stays, medical appointments, and lost wages create an enormous amount of stress. Things usually get worse when the bills start to arrive and you have to deal with the insurance company.

Jeremiah does everything he can to minimize the stress the incident has created on your life while fighting to obtain full compensation for your losses. This approach allows you to focus on healing from the physical and emotional injuries. 


Consumer Fraud

Car dealers and other businesses sometimes prey on consumers in an attempt to fill their pockets. Car dealers may sell a car that has serious mechanical issues, they may falsely advertise a vehicle, or the dealer may trick a consumer into paying thousands of dollars more for a vehicle. 


Crime Victim

Being a crime victim is unimaginably difficult.  As a victim of an armed robbery, Jeremiah has been forced to endure the emotional trauma that many other victims experience. He uses his ability to empathize with victims and the skills he learned as a felony prosecutor to hold everyone accountable for the victim's physical and emotional harms.  Too often the crime is the result of a corporation or the government failing to do their jobs to protect individuals.  Jeremiah is proud to hold these entities accountable for their failures while obtaining compensation for the victim's harms and losses.