Help Support the National Crime Victim's Law Institute!

Being a Crime Victim can be overwhelming at times.  Dealing with the psychological issues, the criminal investigation, medical issues or the loss of property, and the district attorney's office can quickly become too much for any one person to handle.   Thankfully there are organizations out there like the National Crime Victim Law Institute in Portland, Oregon.  The National Crime Victim Law Institute is an organization solely dedicated to assisting crime victims in asserting their rights.  These folks focus on ensuring the victim's rights are honored throughout the process. They do fantastic work and they need your financial help.

The National Crime Victim Law Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit legal education and advocacy organization. As a result, they need donations to operate.  Ross Law LLC donated this year to support their efforts and asks that you do the same.  To donate click HERE.

If you are a crime victim feel free to call me at 503.224.1658. Ross Law is always happy to provide a free consultation to crime victims to help them through the process.  If you  do not want to contact an attorney and have any questions regarding the criminal justice process, crime victim's rights, or any other issues regarding crime victims the NCVLI has more resources HERE.

Please be advised Ross Law LLC is not affiliated with the National Crime Victim Law Institute in anyway aside from providing a monetary donation.   I just think it is a great organization that we need to support.   Please contact the NCVLI directly if you have any questions regarding their organization.  This web-site, blog, or article can be considered Attorney Advertising.