The Holidays are here, and so are the great deals. However, many stores lure folks in with what appear to be great deals only to overcharge or fail to honor the advertised discounts.   Most folks discover this after the purchase and the long lines and chaos of the holiday season deter them from further pursuing the matter.

This does not mean you are without remedies.  Oregon Law (ORS 646.608) prohibits stores from advertising goods with the intent not to provide them as advertised.  For example if you receive an e-mail advertising Mom’s Disgusting Fruit Cake for $5.00 and then you are charged $6.00 for Mom’s disgusting Fruit Cake then the retailer may have violated Oregon Law.  

Additionally, if stores make misleading representations of fact concerning the offering price of goods then they may be violating the law.  This is common when discounts are advertised at the store. For example if a store places a sign that states “25% Off” above ugly Christmas Sweaters then the store charges you full price, they may have violated Oregon Law. 

What are you to do?  Can you get your money back?  Can you get more than the purchase price back?   If you think you have been overcharged or ripped off by a retailer contact  Oregon Attorney Jeremiah Ross at Ross Law LLC.  Call 503.224.1658 for a free phone consultation.  Ross Law LLC may be able to assist you at no charge. Please remember this post does not create an Attorney Client relationship.  Also, you should consult with an Oregon Attorney regarding your rights and remedies and do not rely solely on this post.