Winter is here and  so are the freezing temperatures.  Even when there has not been any recent rain roads can become slippery.  Frost and Frozen Fog can accumulate on the roads in clear conditions causing the road to become very slippery.  Many bridges are susceptible to freezing and recently the upper deck of the Fremont Bridge was closed due to the frost and ice that had accumulated on it. 

Everyone is aware that icy roads contribute to crashes, yet here in Oregon we often see cars failing to slow down in these icy conditions.  People often disregard the basic speed law which mandates drivers take into account the weather conditions and “any other conditions then existing.” ORS 811.100   As a result, in icy conditions, a person can be found  at fault in a car accident even if they are driving the speed limit. 

These car crashes can often result in serious injuries or death because many of the crashes occur on Oregon’s highways and freeways at high speeds.  However, many rear end crashes that cause soft tissue and whiplash type injuries can also be caused by icy conditions.  

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