Snowlandia 2014 is here and has crippled Portland Oregon.  The streets are covered in ice and snow, and most sidewalks are buried in a thick layer of ice and snow. Here in Portland, we are not accustomed to this type of weather and are often unaware of the dangers associated with snow and ice on the sidewalk.  

Icy sidewalks  in Portland can seriously injure a person when the person falls.  Back, neck, and head injuries are common when a person falls as a result of slipping on an icy sidewalk.  Many falls result in broken bones or severe strains.  Some of these injuries can be severe and result in tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. (Click on Video below for video of painful icy fall)


Who is at fault for these icy falls?  Here, in Portland and many of the surrounding cities, typically the property owner adjacent to the sidewalk is obligated to clear ice and snow from the sidewalk. (Click here for Portland Oregon Ordinance mandating ice removal)This duty to maintain the sidewalk and keep it free from ice and snow typically arises from a local  ordinance.   Therefore, if you were injured as a result of falling on an icy sidewalk it is typically the property owner who owns the property next to the sidewalk’s responsibility to compensate you for your injury.  

Many people are concerned about filing a claim with their neighbor as they may not want to jeopardize their relationship. However, most home owner’s insurance or commercial insurance will cover this type of incident and compensate an injured person.  Many times, your neighbor has limited involvement in the claims process unless a lawsuit is filed.  

If you were injured on a sidewalk in or around Portland Oregon, call Portland Oregon Personal Injury Attorney Jeremiah Ross at 503.224.1658.  Jeremiah Ross and Ross Law LLC will provide a free personal injury consultation to discuss  your case.  Please remember to consult with an attorney regarding your injury as the law is constantly changing. Also, this post does not create an Attorney Client relationship and is meant for informational purposes only.