Uber has fought its way into the Portland Oregon ride share market, and did some interesting things to get there.  Riders can now download the Uber App and wait for a friendly Uber Driver to pick them up.   However, what happens when an Uber driver is not so friendly?

In December 2012  a young woman was sexually assaulted by a taxi cab driver in Portland.  The driver made some inappropriate comments to her, then groped her, and attempted to kiss her.  As you can imagine this is a terrifying experience for a young woman just trying to get home.  The woman wanted answers and filed a lawsuit alleging the cab company was negligent.  A Jury awarded the woman a substantial amount of money for the sexual assault.

This type of scenario has happened in Uber cars all around the country.  Uber drivers have sexually assaulted people, raped women, punched people, and even kidnapped people.

The articles below are just a small sample of the various Uber incidents around the country.

Driver Allegedly Kidnaps Drunk Woman in LA  (ValleyWag)

Woman Claims Uber Driver Kidnapped Rider (The Daily Beast)

Uber Driver Takes Riders on High Speed Chase (Washington Post)

Woman Says She Was Raped and Kidnapped By  Uber Driver(Jezebel)

Uber and the City of Portland have agreed the City will approvebackground checks.  However, that may not prevent sexual assaults, kidnappings, assaults, or felons getting behind the wheel.  In Houston an Uber Driver accused of raping a passenger had finished a 14 year prison sentence just three years prior to starting working as an Uber Driver.  In Los Angeles a felon had passed an Uber Background Check.  In Chicago a Felon was driving an Uber Car.  A  San Francisco Uber Driver accused of assaulting a passenger had a long criminal history.  Portland may have more stringent standards, or they may not.  We will not know until the first incident occurs.

Should the unthinkable happen and you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, raped, or assaulted by an Uber or other Ride-share operator contact Jeremiah Ross and Ross Law LLC at 503.224.1658.  Jeremiah Ross is a Portland, Oregon Attorney and former prosecutor who will fight to get answers  and pursue a civil case on your behalf to hold people and corporations accountable for their actions.  Please remember this post is for information only.