We all know the rules of the road require you to stop when the light is red or about to turn red.   However, many people continue to run red lights.  This split second decision can have deadly consequences, but people still do it.

A recent study found  2.3 million drivers in 18 states ran a red light last year. Additionally, more red lights were ran during memorial day weekend than any other weekend.  The study determined that if the results of the study were applied to the whole country it would result in a person running a red light every 1.2 seconds.  This is a terrifying statistic considering in 2009 676 people were killed and 130,000 people were injured by other drivers running red lights. Cyclist and pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to being injured by  a driver running a red light.  For more information regarding the study click here.

Here in Oregon, the law states a “driver facing a steady circular red signal light alone shall stop at a clearly marked stop line, but if none, before entering the marked crosswalk on the near side of the intersection, or if there is no marked crosswalk, then before entering the intersection.  The driver shall remain stopped until a green light is shown except when the driver is permitted to make a turn under ORS 811.360 (When vehicle turn permitted at Stop Light).” ORS 811.260  Despite this law people continue to run red lights.  Not only do they risk a being convicted of a class B traffic citation, they risk killing or injuring another.  Knowing this, we have to wonder why are people running red lights.  Distractions, trying to save time, and failing to pay attention are common excuses.  Red light runners are aware these are not valid excuses, yet they still do it.

If you or someone you know has been injured by a person running a red light please contact Portland Personal Injury Attorney, Jeremiah Ross at 503.224.1658 for your free personal injury consultation.  Red light cases can be challenging because the insurance company and the driver may take the position that the light was green and force the injured driver to prove the light was red. Many times it is imperative that an injured person speak with an attorney or their claim may be denied.  Please remember this post is for informational purposes only and the law is constantly changing.  This post does not create an Attorney client relationship.