School Assaults-Avoidable Tragedies

School-yard fights are nothing new.  There have probably been fights at school since the first school opened.   However, it appears the fights are getting more serious.  Teenagers are displaying a new level of brutality to others.   What was once a school yard fight between two kids has become a scenario where numerous kids are jumping one kid, or the kids are fighting with weapons.   These attacks can have tragic results. 

I recently read an article about the young girl that was brutally beaten to death in a high-school bathroom.    Witnesses note that the fight initially started out between the deceased victim and another girl.  Then other girls joined the fight to attack the victim.  Within minutes the deceased victim was beaten to death in a high-school bathroom.  

The question becomes what do we do to prevent these incidents.   I recently settled a case against an Oregon educational institution where a young woman was attacked by a young man.   While investigating that case it became apparent that young people are not going to be safe at school.  Security Officers are only as good as the people that train them, and the budget won't permit hiring more security. Teachers rely on security and law-enforcement to address any violent actions, and may not want to deal with the problem children.  Despite having security and law enforcement on many campuses the brutal attacks persist.   Many of these on-campus attacks could have been prevented or stopped before things became serious if people were simply doing their jobs.

If you, or someone you know, has been attacked at school you should call a lawyer to hold all people accountable.  Many times the lapses in security will not be addressed until the schools are forced to due to media pressure or pressure from a lawsuit.   Jeremiah Ross at Ross Law LLC is happy to discuss whether or not you may have a civil case against the responsible parties.  Please call 503.224.1658 to chat with Jeremiah.    

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS BLOG IS AN ATTORNEY ADVERTISEMENT.  Your case maybe unique so please contact a lawyer and do not rely solely on the contents of this blog.