Ross Law LLC Prevails In another Arbitration Against Stop and Go Auto

Last month I posted about prevailing in  my recent case against Stop and Go Auto (AKA G&G Auto Enterprises LLC) in an arbitration matter.  Jeremiah Ross represented three other clients in a matter against Stop and Go Auto.   The Arbitrator awarded two of the clients damages totaling almost $45,000.00.  

The case was a complex transaction where three relatives attempted to purchase three vehicles from Stop and Go.   In doing so, one of the consumers provided property to trade in for her vehicle.    Ross Law was able to prove Stop and Go Auto unlawfully rolled the Negative Equity into the price of the new car.   Ross Law also proved Stop and Go used an illusory cash down payment that did not exist and noted it on the Retail Installment Contract.  Ross Law also proved Stop and Go failed to list the value given for four wheeler on the Retail Installment Contract   These were all violations of the Truth In Lending Act.  Ross Law also proved Stop and Go violated Oregon's Unlawful Trade Practices Act (UTPA) by not properly accounting for all of the property that was traded in, rolling in the negative equity to the purchase price, falsely advertising the price of the vehicle, and failing to give the consumer her key's back when asked. 

The second Consumer's case involved an unlawful Yo-Yo Sale.   After the three consumers left the lot with their vehicle, one consumer was called back in a couple of days later and told he got a better financing deal.  Unbeknownst to him the loan term was extended and the financing rate was increased.   This scheme allowed Stop and Go to lower the monthly payment while charging a substantial amount more to finance the vehicle.  Stop and Go also did not account for the property that was traded in to purchase this vehicle.    These were violations of the Truth In Lending Act and/or the UTPA. 

This case was also unique in the fact the consumers had attempted to settle their case with the dealer before I was involved.  They signed a release and waiver of all of their rights.  Basically they singed a piece of paper saying they would not sue the dealer.    I used the law to defeat the defense's claim that the consumers already settled their case. 

This was a very complicated case that another Attorney had turned down.   There were good facts and bad facts for both of the parties.  However, at the end of the day the arbitrator found in favor of my clients.   If you have any issues with an Oregon Used Car Dealer please call Jeremiah Ross at 503.224.1658.  Please note results may vary and there is no guarantee Ross Law LLC can prevail in your lawsuit.