Sometimes the stars align and I am able to achieve incredible results for my clients.   A recent case involving a car dealership that ripped off my clients is one of those instances where we somehow pulled off the impossible.  I don't know if I will be able to achieve the same results in a future case, but it feels good to make things right for my clients. 

My clients were ripped off in the purchase of two vehicles last year.   They had difficulty making payments on the vehicles and defaulted on the loans that totaled roughly $45,000.00.   Meanwhile we were involved in litigation with the dealership who denied any wrongdoing and attempted to paint my clients as deadbeats who could not pay their bills.   It took over a year to litigate the matter.  In the meantime, lenders were threatening to repossess the vehicles and sue for the deficiency.   

My clients prevailed in a private arbitration hearing, and the arbitrator awarded my clients over $40,000.00 plus attorney fees, and costs.  The award was based on the dealership violating Oregon's Unlawful Trade Practices Act (UTPA) and the Truth In Lending Act. Punitive damages were sought, but not awarded.

  In an effort to escape being held accountable for the judgment, the dealer then claimed they were going to assert Bankruptcy.  When a dealership files for bankruptcy it can put a stay on any debt collection efforts, so the filing must be taken seriously.  This is where things became interesting and a lot of posturing occurred between the parties.   While the parties were posturing, I had researched the law on the various ways this may play out.

At the end of the day we were able to collect roughly $25,000.00 from the Bond Company.  The dealership agreed to purchase the vehicles from the lenders and relinquished title to the vehicles to my clients full and clear of any encumbrances. That is just a fancy way of saying the dealership agreed to give my clients the vehicles in exchange for my clients not collecting on the arbitration award.   The dealer has managed to avoid Bankruptcy so far. I am not going to divulge the intricacies and maneuvering that occurred to get this done.  However, I believe it is achievable again in a very limited amount of cases. 

If you have been ripped off by an Oregon car dealer, please call Ross Law LLC at 503.224.1658.  Also, remember Jeremiah Ross also represents persons that are injured in car crashes, bicycle crashes, pedestrians that are injured by vehicles, and persons that are injured by the negligence of others.   Please call today for your free PERSONAL INJURY consultation.  REMEMBER: RESULTS MAY VARY!  Just because I could do this for two clients does not mean I will be able to achieve these results for any future clients.