Sexual Assaults, Assault, Battery-Civil Law Can Help When The Criminal Justice System Fails

Many people have heard the story of Brock Turner.  Turner was a all-star swimmer at Stanford.  He was also a sexual predator that raped a young unconscious woman.  The story hit national news, because the judge went lenient on Turner.  Turner served three months for raping a woman.  The victim wrote a scathing letter regarding the light sentence. I think most people would agree the criminal justice system failed the young woman in that case.  

Despite the Criminal Justice system failing, the young woman still has options.    She can file a civil lawsuit against Turner for sexual assault, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress. If she won, Turner would have to pay her for the hell he caused her.  Also, Stanford or another organization may be civilly liable if they knew Turner had a propensity to sexually assault women, but ignored it.  Others may be liable too.  For example, if Turner was heavily intoxicated and was over-served then whoever over-served him alcohol may be civilly liable.  What all this means is that the young woman can use the Civil Justice system to hold each and every person and entity accountable for their actions and inaction that lead to her rape.  That means she can sue for money damages to compensate her, and punitive damages (damages to punish people) as well.  

People may say that Turner may not be worth suing because he is not going to have any money.  He is now known as a sexual predator, so he is not going to have a successful career.  However, a lawyer may still take the case in hopes that Turner will be forced to pay.  He is young and his wages may be garnished for decades.  Arguably his debt for the rape couldn't be discharged in bankruptcy.   More importantly, every month he will be reminded of the hell he put this woman through when he sees a certain amount of money coming out of his bank account.  

The Justice system is NOT perfect.  Mistakes will be made and there will be injustice.  However, people need to remember that the Civil Justice System should be a valuable tool for victims of sexual assault, rape, assault, and battery.  Although being awarded money damages will not bring the victim Justice, it may help soften the blow. 

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