National Consumer Protection Week-People and Laws that Protect Consumers

As a consumer attorney I am always attempting to bring awareness to issues that effect consumers.   Things like arbitration clauses, auto fraud, unlawful debt collections, lender fraud, and mortgage fraud, are all issues that consumer lawyers take on.   I focus on a small area of auto fraud, but there are many lawyers in Oregon that represent consumers in all different types of cases. 

This week is the Federal Trade Commission's consumer protection week.  The purpose of this week is to bring awareness to consumer issues.  Why does this matter to you?  It is simple, Consumer issues effect virtually everyone in the United States.  Regulatory agencies and attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that consumer's get a fair shot and attempt to use the law to encourage businesses to change their behavior.  


For example, things like the Truth In Lending act ensure that you should have the ability to understand your loan and how much it would cost you.  Without attorney's representing consumers that were not provided the proper paperwork disclosing the loan terms, the law would probably be ignored. Businesses wouldn't have any incentive to comply with it. Another example is the car dealer that sells a vehicle "As-Is" and it breaks down the next day.  The Oregon Department of Justice can enforce rules that should protect the consumer if this happens.  Private attorneys can also represent consumers that get ripped off by car dealers.  This will hopefully help educate dealers on the various laws they have broken and provide them an incentive to change their behavior.  Other issues such as banks charging hidden fees or debt collectors calling in the middle of the night are all issues that regulatory agencies and lawyers are constantly battling to prevent.  The bottom line is that if you feel you were ripped off  there are agencies and lawyers that are eager to assist. 

If you have any questions feel free to call Jeremiah Ross at 503.224.1658.  Jeremiah Ross represents persons in Personal Injury matters, Auto Fraud cases, and crime victims.  LEGAL STUFF: Please note Ross Law is not affiliated with the Department of Justice or the FTC or any other state or federal agency.  This blog post and web-site are not to be considered legal advice, but could be construed as Attorney Advertising.