How Long Does an Oregon Vehicle Dealer Have to Pay Off Your Trade-In?

I regularly get calls regarding dealers that are sitting on vehicles that a consumer has traded in. If the trade-in had an outstanding balance on the car loan (lien) then it needs to be paid off.  If it the trade-in's loan is not paid off quickly, the consumer will likely incur additional fees.  This is because of the pay-off date lapses, or the consumer misses a payment because they expected the trade-in to be paid off before the next car payment.   

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Oregon Law prescribes exactly how much time a dealer has to pay off the lien in full.  More specifically, the Oregon Administrative Rules mandate that a dealer has 15 days to pay-off he lien holder of your trade.   If the dealer fails to do so an Oregon lawyer, such as myself, can hold them accountable. 

If you think you have been ripped off by an Oregon vehicle dealer then call Ross Law PDX at 503.224.1658.  Please remember the law is constantly changing, so do not rely solely on this post.  Please contact an Oregon Lawyer if you think you have been ripped off, sold a lemon, or have been a victim of auto fraud.