Ross Law wishes the Marine Corps a Happy 241st Birthday!

On November 10, 1775 the United States Marine Corps was born.  Marines have been fighting on behalf of others every day since.  Every November 10 United States Marines around the world take time to celebrate the Marine Corps and reflect on their service.  

I was fortunate to serve in the Marine Corps decades ago.  Each year on November 10, I take time out of my day to briefly reflect on my service in the Marine Corps. This is a time of the year to catch up with old Marine friends and reflect on the skills and knowledge I obtained in the Marine Corps.  I didn't have a desk job in the Marine Corps.  I was a basic infantryman, so I didn't learn any office skills or other skills you would think may help a lawyer.  

When the Continental Congress stood up two battalions of Marines in 1775, a culture of
discipline, vigilance, professionalism, and military excellence was born that has characterized
our Corps for nearly two and a half centuries. As Marines, we have a profound respect for our
traditions and heritage, and for taking care of each other.
— Robert B. Neller General, U.S. Marine Corps Commandant of the Marine Corps

However, I regularly draw from the skills and knowledge I obtained as a Marine to represent people injured by the negligence of others, crime victims, and consumers.  The Marine Corps taught me to adapt and overcome all odds.  I was constantly pushed to do more with less. Marines are not intimidated, even when the odds are heavily stacked against them.  Marines never quit.  Marines are expected to figure out a solution despite what many people perceive is an "impossible task." 


These lessons I learned in the Marine Corps are invaluable today.  As a plaintiff's personal injury lawyer, I am always out-gunned and out-numbered by  insurance companies and their high priced lawyers.   I don't have the hundreds of millions of dollars that an Insurance company has to finance a case, so I am constantly tasked with doing more with less and getting results.  I thrive on the fact that I am regularly an under-dog.  A fancy office building or a grumpy old lawyer that barks at me does little to assist their client. I am not intimidated by the prospect of a Jury trial, and have the discipline and drive to  continue litigating even when the case becomes difficult.   All of these lessons cannot be taught in law-school, in a seminar, or by working on the top-floor of a high rise Portland office building.  They were all learned while serving alongside my fellow Marines. 

If you served in the Marine Corps, then Happy Birthday. If you know a Marine then wish them a Happy Birthday.  It means a lot.  If you served in the Marine Corps or another branch of the military and have a legal issue then call me at 503.224.1658 for your free brief phone consultation. If I don't practice in an area I will do my best to find you someone that does.