With Halloween approaching many people will use ride-share services such as UBER for transportation.  These services can be very useful.  However, people need to keep their guard up to prevent a fun evening turning into a nightmare.

A recent Oregonian article highlights the various concerns about UBER and similar ride-share services.  Recently a young woman was waiting in front of  a Portland Oregon bar.  She had used her UBER phone app to request an UBER pick her up.  A large male driver appeared and asked her if she was waiting for an UBER.  She confirmed she was.

The young woman got into the car and the driver began to drive.  The young woman became suspicious when the driver was asking for directions, then she received a cell phone call from the actual UBER driver who was sent to pick her up.  The woman then fled the vehicle.  This woman was very smart and was attentive enough to know something was wrong.

This incident is a constant reminder of the safety issues that can arise with ride-share services.   Sexual Assaults, assaults, robbery and other violent crimes can be committed by people using ride share services to obtain access to people, especially women.  Ride Share services provide a way to isolate a person and take them to an area where they can be assaulted.

If you, or a person you know, have been a victim of an assault, rape, or other crime committed by a ride-share driver (UBER, LYFT, etc.) please call Portland Oregon victim’s attorney, Jeremiah Ross at503.224.1658.   Please remember that Ross Law LLC only provides this information on this blog to assist the public.  It is not to be considered legal advice.