Tesla's Dangerous Autopilot Feature-Crashes and Recalls

Earlier this week I had written about the dangers of TESLA'S Autopilot feature.  There are allegations that this feature is responsible for causing car crash injuries and deaths throughout the United States.  Yesterday, Consumer Reports made the bold announcement requesting TESLA to disable the autopilot feature until the glitches are worked out.  This would allow TESLA to make the vehicles safer for people on the road.  

As I had stated earlier this week, Consumer Reports agrees that marketing the feature as "autopilot" will lead to driver complacency.  This is due to the fact that the name implies that the driver is not required to do anything.   The sales and marketing of the autopilot feature directly contradicts any warning TESLA may provide consumers.TESLA is denying liability and claims the autopilot feature is safe.  Tesla claims the statistics support their assertion that the autopilot feature is safe. 

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