I have previously posted on the advent of driver-less cars and the various legal issues that arise from these driver-less cars.  In theory, driver-less cars are a great idea.  However, in practice you have to question whether or not they are a safer alternative to a human brain.  Software glitches, hardware malfunctions, and unforeseen circumstances can all have deadly consequences.  

I have also written on the various safety issues that ride share programs such as UBER pose.  Drivers assaulting passengers, drivers driving recklessly, and insurance issues that arise with ride share programs are all significant issues that have arisen since these companies began transporting people in Portland, Oregon.

It appears UBER is now attempting to mitigate the risk posed by driver's assaulting passengers, driving recklessly, and even the insurance issues.  UBER is now testing driver-less cars in Pittsburgh, PA.   The idea is that if you don't have to pay anyone to drive the vehicle then transportation becomes extraordinarily cheap.   

UBER has a driver-less car test-lab in Pittsburgh and is using the citizens of Pittsburgh as its test subject for this experiment.   The cars will be on the open road putting members of the public at risk.  Engineers assert these cars are specially designed to drive without a driver.  However these cars will have a "back-up" driver.   You have to wonder why is a back-up  driver necessary if the technology is safe.   

There are not any current plans to bring UBER's driver-less cars to Portland, Oregon.   However, should that occur we need to be ready to address the various safety issues that arise from driver-less cars.  I have concerns regarding the efficacy of the software and hardware.  I also have concerns over the proper maintenance of the vehicles and computer systems.  Lastly, I have concerns over the software not being able to account for the numerous tasks that a driver's brain performs.    We will see what happens....

If you or someone you know has been injured, assaulted, or killed by UBER, LYFT, or another rideshare program, please call Personal Injury Attorney Jeremiah Ross.  Ross Law offers free personal injury consultations.   Please call Ross Law at 503.224.1658.  Please refer to the article at this link  for information regarding UBER's driver less program.