Why Are There So Many Car Crashes When it Rains? Deadly Rainy Weekend in Oregon

Summer is slowly slipping away and the rain is starting to infiltrate our daily forecast.  With it comes the first rains of the season.  This weekend there was unusually heavy rain throughout Oregon.  This rain is being blamed for at least four deadly car crashes in Oregon.   Why were there so many tragic car crashes in a short period of time?

People often wonder why the roads are so deadly in the fall.   Especially in Oregon where we should be used to driving in the rain. As a personal injury attorney who regularly meets with people that have been injured in crashes, I think I have some unique insight on the causes of many of these crashes.   I believe many of the rainy day crashes are a result of:

www.2people1life.com a bit of our drive along the rainy Oregon coast, didnt let up for 2 days

Excessive Speed:  Most people drive too fast in rainy weather.   This is especially true when the rains are early in the season.  People are still accustomed to driving in dry weather, and don't adjust their speed..  As a result, more crashes occur.  If you are wondering how fast you should go in the rainy weather, read my previous blog article on the issue.   

Following Too Closely To Vehicle In Front of Them:  Cars require more distance to stop on wet roads.  This is due to the fact the tires don't have the same traction on a wet road as they do a dry road.  As a result, if people do not adjust their driving by leaving more space between their car and the car in front of them there is likely to be a rear end collision.  

Roads are Slippery During First Rains of the Year:  People in the "Know" call the first rain of the season the "first wet."  The first rain of the season can cause the roads to be especially slippery because the oil that has dripped off of cars, the dirt, and other debris has accumulated over the summer months.   When it rains the oil, dirt, and debris cause the roads to become incredibly slippery.   This is actually supported by science.  Click here to learn more.  

People Do Not Maintain Their Vehicles:  Windshield wipers, tires, headlights, and brakes are all imperative in rainy weather.   Many people do not maintain the wipers, tires, and brakes during the summer because the vehicle appears to be working correctly.  However, once a person turns on the wipers and they don't clear the windshield then the driver will have some real visibility issues.  Also, bald tires create hydroplaning and can result in a vehicle driving off the side of the road and increased stopping distances.

Standing Water and Clogged Drains:  The leaves have just began to fall.  These leaves often clog drains and cause large puddles to form on streets.  Drivers that drive too fast through them will often hydroplane and lose control of their vehicles.  This can result in injury to the driver or other people.

Leaves on the Ground:   In the fall,  many Oregon neighborhoods are carpeted by leaves falling on the ground.  The roads can become very slippery when they are covered by west leaves.   As a result, a vehicle has reduced traction while driving on leave covered roads. 

These are just a few of the many reasons why these first rainy days of the season can result in dangerous roads.  In order to protect yourself and others while driving on these rainy roads it is important that you SLOW DOWN, maintain your vehicle, and leave plenty of space between your car and the car in front of you.   If you were driving a safe speed and were in a car crash there could be another explanation what caused the crash.   That is why it is important to call an Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer.  

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