Should I go to the Doctor if I was in a Car Crash and Will it help my Personal Injury Case?

As an Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer, I often get calls from people that have just been in a car accident.  Some people do not go to the Emergency Room or Hospital right away.  Some people do not.   Many of the people that do not go directly to the Emergency Room will often ask "Should I go to the Doctor?"   That is not an easy question to answer because I am a lawyer, not a doctor.  As a result I have to defer to the professionals, the health care providers.

However, if you think you may be injured you should immediately see a health care provider.  If you are sore and the pain is getting worse, you should see a health care provider.   If you have any doubts about whether or not you are injured, GO TO THE DOCTOR!   It doesn't hurt.   This is important for many whiplash or soft tissue injuries, because it is my understanding they can actually get worse with time.  Also, there may be a slipped or herniated disc that may not develop symptoms immediately after the crash.   If you think you are injured see a doctor and get checked out to determine the extent of your injuries.  

Who Pays for the Doctor's Visit? If  you are in a car crash in Oregon You have Personal Protection Benefits (PIP), that will cover up to $15,000.00 of medical expenses incurred from one year from the date of the crash.  What this means is that "I can't afford to go to the Doctor" is not an excuse for not seeking medical treatment if PIP is available.   You pay for those benefits, so you should use them. 

Will going to the doctor help your personal injury case?  It depends, but typically yes.   Insurance adjusters need to document their file to substantiate any offer or decision they make.  If you make a claim for damages and you don't have any documentation regarding your injuries, the insurance adjuster will be pretty reluctant to offer you full compensation for your injuries.  This is because the insurance company does not have any medical evidence to justify an offer they give you.  

The bottom line is, remember most lawyers are not doctors.  If you think you are hurt or need to be checked out by a medical professional SEE A DOCTOR or medical professional!  

If you need a lawyer CALL ME at 503.22.1658 for your free personal injury consultation.  Ross Law LLC is happy to discuss your personal injury case with you and give you the details regarding your Personal Injury Protection benefits.   Please remember I AM NOT A DOCTOR!  This is not to be considered legal advice or medical advice.  If you think you need a doctor then please see a medical professional.   Please remember this blog, this post, and this web-site may be considered ATTORNEY ADVERTISING!