Do you Need to Fill Out a Form To Notify DMV if You Have a Car Crash In Oregon?-Link to DMV Form Attached

My wife and I were driving home yesterday on Mclaughlin Blvd near Holgate when we saw this:

All Three Cars In Crash Should Fill Out DMV Form

All Three Cars In Crash Should Fill Out DMV Form

This was a three car rear end collision.  The vehicle in the back received the brunt of the damage.  Everyone looked as if they did not have any immediate serious injuries, and there was not any emergency personnel on scene.  This is exactly the type of crash that one driver may not report to the Oregon DMV, because they didn't think it was serious enough.  Most likely the driver in the car in the front, would not think to report the collision because their car had minimal visible damage.  However, this may be a mistake because the rear car was likely towed from the scene and had more than $1500.00 of property damage.  The information below should be useful to people like those involved in the crash above.

1: Damage to your vehicle is over $1500.00
2: Any person is injured (even minor injuries)
3: Any person is killed
4: Damage to any person’s property is $1500.00
5: Any vehicle has damage over $1500.00 and any vehicle is towed from the scene because of crash.
— Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles

The DMV Accident and Insurance form is very self explanatory.  A link to DMV form 735-32 is here:

Do I Have To Fill Out the Insurance Information?  Yes, it is important to do so.  If you do not fill in the Insurance Information on the DMV form the DMV may consider you uninsured.

Where Do You Mail the DMV Form? After completing the DMV Accident Form you MUST Mail or FAX the form to Accident Reporting Unit, DMV, 1905 Lana Ave NE, Salem OR 97314.

Can I Fax The Accident form to the Oregon DMV?  Yes, as of today's date the fax number is 503-945-5267.

Can I Deliver the Form to a DMV Office?  Yes.

Do I Use the same DMV Accident Form (735-32) if I was driving a Commercial Vehicle?  Yes, but you also must fill out and file DMV Form 735-9229 (Motor Carrier Crash Report) within 20 days of the commercial vehicle crash.

If you, or someone you know, has been in an Oregon Car crash call me at 503.224.1658.  Ross Law is happy to address any questions you may have regarding the Oregon Accident and Insurance form.   Please remember the links and the law regarding forms are constantly changing.  PLEASE CALL A LAWYER and DO NOT RELY SOLELY ON THIS POST.  This post, this blog, and this web-site may be considered Attorney Advertising.