Ross Law and Jeremiah Ross Support the Surfrider Foundation and So Should You

The Surfrider Foundation is a fantastic organization that strives to protect water quality and local access to our beaches. I have been a member of the foundation for years.  I spent a summer working with the members of Surfrider in Washington State and worked with Coastkeeper and Surfrider while attending law school in San Diego.  Now, my practice is focused on representing personal injury clients and consumers.  However, I offer financial support to Surfrider and am looking to get more involved with the local chapter.  If you believe in clean water and coastal access, you should do the same. 


ROSS LAW and Surfrider Foundation are not affiliated in anyway.  Jeremiah Ross is a member and provides  financial support, and are not currently representing the Surfrider Foundation in any legal issues.   This post is not intended to be construed as Ross Law and Surfrider Foundation having a formal relationship with Ross Law or Ross Law providing legal services to Surfrider Foundation.