Shovel That Snow and Chip the Ice off the Sidewalk or You May Be Responsible for Fall Injuries

I had previously written an article about property owner's responsibilities in clearing ice and snow from the sidewalk.  Recently the Oregonian wrote a similar article and made a great video about the obligations of property owners to shovel snow and ice off of their sidewalks. 

Portland: Doesn’t put a specific time requirement for owners — or occupants, such as tenants — to remove snow or other slip-and-fall hazards during other times of the year, such as leaves. But the city transportation bureau’s website urges property owners and occupants to do it “as soon as possible.”
Hillsboro: Requires property owners to remove snow and ice — or take other safety measures, such as sprinkling sand — within eight daylight hours after a storm covers the sidewalks next to their homes or businesses.
Beaverton: Requires property owners to remove snow and ice within four daylight hours of when it has fallen or formed.
Vancouver: Requires property owners and renters to clear sidewalks of snow and volcanic ash — perhaps in recognition of the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.
Lake Oswego: Property owners must remove snow or ice within four daylight hours if it accumulates at night and within two daylight hours if it accumulates during the day.
Tualatin: Has one of the toughest codes around. Snow must be removed within two daylight hours of it falling, and ice must be removed withint two daylight hours of it forming “unless the ice is covered with sand, ashes or other suitable material.”
Oregon City: Says property owners and occupants are responsible for keeping the sidewalks next to them in good condition, and they are liable if someone is hurt.

It is clear that property owners must keep their sidewalks and walkways safe.  If you or someone you know were injured on an icy sidewalk call me, a Portland Personal Injury Attorney, at 503.224.1658 for your free personal injury consultation.   Please remember the law is constantly changing, so please consult with a lawyer and do not rely solely on this post.  Ross Law LLC and Jeremiah Ross arehappy to discuss the law with you.