A dangerous day for driving ,SNOW and the Superbowl:

It is Superbowl Sunday and the National Weather Service is also predicting snow yet again in Portland, Oregon.  As the Oregonian has previously reported, the Superbowl is historically a dangerous day for people to be on the road, because of all of the DUII Drivers.   Portland drivers have shown over the past few weeks that we have issues with driving in the snow.  In short, this is a terrible day to drive.  


If you need information about what to do if you were in a car crash due to snow click here.


If you were involved in a crash with a suspected DUII driver click here.

If you have questions about additional compensation, because you were hit by a DUII driver click here.  You may be entitled to punitive damages, criminal restitution, and increased damages if your case is taken to trial.  and there may be more people responsible for causing the crash than just the bad driver.  For more information click here.

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