Ross Law Has Been Busy Getting Results For Clients....

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been very busy.   Two weeks ago we were in a Jury Trial on a motor vehicle crash case.  My client suffered soft tissue injuries. The insurance company made a low offer.  The Jury sided with my client.  The Jury's verdict was more than the defendant's insurance company's best offer by roughly 1/3.  This was a very good result. 


Later that week we resolved a consumer case involving a newer luxury automobile.  My client had taken his vehicle to an authorized dealership for an inspection because it wasn't running right.  The dealer missed a diagnosis and did not notice the oil needed to be changed.  The engine oil sludged up and the engine seized a couple of days after the vehicle was released from the dealer.  We later learned the vehicle's motor had a design issue and the manufacturer had changed the type of oil to put in the vehicle.    We began the process of arbitration.  Then the major local car dealership and a luxury auto manufacturer asked us to engage in mediation.  The dealer agreed to pay to have our dispute mediated.   Prior to mediation the dealership and manufacturer refused to make any offer.  However, the case settled even though we were prepared to arbitrate the case.  My client received money for the engine replacement plus an amount for costs and attorney fees. 

Last week, I was preparing for a trial at the end of the month for an animal bite case.   This case involved a cat bite.  Yes, that is correct, a domestic cat bit my client's hand.  The bite became infected and my client was hospitalized.  Prior to filing the case and preparing for trial, the insurance company refused to make an offer despite tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills.  However, after I worked the case up we were able to settle the case for a substantial sum of money.   My client was thrilled with the result. 

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