Eclipse Traffic Hazards and Crashes

The Eclipse has come and gone, but people have begun leaving the "zone of totality."   State officials have warned of significant traffic issues due to the eclipse visitors heading home after the viewing.  Also, numerous people pulled off the side of the road to view the eclipse and will simultaneously get back on the road. These traffic jams can result in many rear end collisions, road rage incidents, and people speeding once the traffic thins so they can make up for lost time.

This is not the safest time to drive because sitting in traffic can also make people drowsy.  A drowsy driver is a dangerous driver.  Also, people are constantly taking their eyes off of the road to examine the eclipse. There is also a concern of Eclipse partiers hitting the road while they are still under the influence.  Obviously, impaired drivers can cause serious crashes.   Visitors that are unfamiliar with the roads can often make erratic lane changes or other unsafe maneuvers.  Also, many visitors are driving rental cars they are unfamiliar with.  This can result in a crash. These incidents can cause unnecessary and preventable injuries or death. Please remember to take your time if you are on the roads today.   Be safe! Remember,  Oregonlive has constant updates.  For more information on the Eclipse Traffic visit:

Headed out to view the solar eclipse? Check the traffic before you go. Live traffic cameras courtesy of Oregon Department of Transportation.

If you, or someone you know, find yourself in a crash on one of Oregon's rural roads or major urban freeways, please call Portland Personal Injury Attorney Jeremiah Ross at 503.224.1658.