Be Safe This Labor Day Weekend!

The Oregonian published a fantastic article informing people how to stay out of the hospital this Labor Day.  It is a good read, but here are some of the highlights:

Be Safe Boating and Swimming:  Bottom Line is do not get in a river or lake without a life jacket.  Even excellent swimmers can cramp up, be stunned by cold water, or encounter an unanticipated danger.  Life Jackets are a necessary insurance policy for those on the water.   Also, Boating under the influence is deadly.   People are injured and killed every year in boating crashes that were caused by Boating Under the Influence.  

Avoid Bike Crashes-As an attorney representing injured cyclist, I see the same types of incidents. Most bike verse car crashes are caused by the vehicle driver not seeing the cyclist.  The article notes bike injuries can be serious.  Skull fractures, pelvis fractures, rib fractures, and extremity fractures, and internal organ injuries, can all happen in a split second from a driver or cyclist not paying attention.  These crashes can be catastrophic, so pay attention.  Cyclist need to remember bright clothing and to use their lights at night.

Drinking and Driving Crashes-As a personal injury attorney I have represented people that were victims of DUII crashes.  These people were minding their own business driving down the road when a person chose to consume too many alcoholic beverages and crashed into them.  Many of these crashes happen at high speeds and can be deadly or debilitating.  

These are just a few of the dangers that increase during the summer months.  If you or someone you know have been injured due to the negligence of another call personal injury lawyer Jeremiah Ross at 503.2241658.  Ross Law LLC is a Portland Oregon personal injury law firm that is not affiliated with the Oregonian.  This blog may be considered attorney advertising.