Seven Things That May Increase the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

You have just been in a crash and your friend tells you they had the same injury and the insurance company offered $50,000.00.  The bad driver's insurance company has only offered you $25,000.00.  How can that be?   It is simple, insurance Companies and Personal Injury Lawyers all look at the specific facts of the case to put a value on the case.   In some cases, the injured person can increase the value of their case by taking action.  In other cases, the value of the case is increased due to the facts and circumstances that are outside the control of anyone.  The list below is a brief run down of things that may increase the value of your case:

1) You Have Well Documented Regular Medical Treatment:  Insurance companies and personal injury lawyers rely heavily on the medical records as one factor to put a value on a personal injury case.  If you receive regular well documented medical treatment from a reputable treatment provider you will likely increase the value of your case.  This is due to the fact the medical treatment provider can usually articulate the negligence caused injuries and how they are affecting the injured person.  People that do not seek medical treatment or have long gaps in treatment will usually have a reduced case value. 

2) How Your Injury Occurred:  The facts of how the injury occurred can often increase the value of your case.  If you were injured in a high-speed crash the case will usually be more valuable than a low-speed parking lot crash, even if the injuries are similar.   In dangerous premises cases, the facts can substantially increase the value of a case.  If you were hit in the head by merchandise falling off of a shelf your case will typically be more valuable than a case involving a person that slips on a wet floor. These are things you have little or no control over, but they can add value to the case. 


3) The Person or Entity that Injured You:  If a mean, grumpy, angry person crashes into you, your case is probably worth more than if a nice, pleasant, calm person crashes into you.  If you are injured by corporate negligence your case may be worth more than if you were injured by the negligence of a real person. 

4)  You Were Injured by Someone Being Reckless or Breaking the Law:  If you were injured by a person or corporations acting recklessly or breaking the law your case will be worth more than a person that makes an honest mistake and injures you.  For example, if you were injured by a DUII driver your case will be more valuable than if you were injured by a sober driver.  If you were injured by a corporation that consistently has broken the law, then your case will likely be worth more.  If this occurs, you may also be entitled to punitive damages that will likely increase the value of your case. 


5)  How You Present: If you are honest, friendly, and reasonable your case will likely be more valuable than a person that has negative attributes. Personal Injury cases are about the people involved.  Juries and insurance companies are likely to put more value on a case where they like you and believe in you and your case.   If they think you are lying, over-exaggerating your injury, or you are not likable they will likely reduce the value of your case.  I will not take a case if I suspect you are lying or malingering, and most Oregon personal injury attorneys have the same policy.

6) Having a Lawyer Represent You:  In many cases having a personal injury lawyer representing you will increase the value of your case.  There are many reasons for this and it usually makes sense to hire a personal injury lawyer.   However, you should always speak with a personal injury lawyer if you were in a crash. It usually is free. You can call Ross Law LLC at 503.224.1658 for your Free Case Evaluation.  Click here for answers to attorney fee questions.

7) The Insurance Company Representing the Person or Company that Injured You:  Certain Insurance Companies are more willing to pay fair compensation for injuries than others.  Some insurance companies in Oregon are terrible and consistently make "low ball" settlement offers.  Other insurance companies are more reasonable are willing to negotiate.  

 If you still have questions call Portland Personal Injury Attorney Jeremiah Ross at 503.224.1658. You can also click here for more information about the value of your personal injury case.   Ross Law LLC is happy to give you a free personal injury consultation.   Please remember there are numerous variables affecting the value of your case.  The list above are some things that may increase the value of your case, but everyone's case is different.  Call a personal injury attorney if you have questions rather than relying solely on this post.  Also, this post may be considered Attorney Advertising.