The "Wave Through" That Causes a Crash

When I drive to work I often find myself making a left across Eastbound Powell near the Ross Island Bridge.  Eastbound traffic is pretty heavy and is usually stopped or crawling.  However, traffic is clear in the far right lane.  Cars regularly speed through in the far right lane as the two other lanes are stopped.  In classic PNW style, the good citizens of Portland will stop on Powell with enough room to allow me to make a left turn across Powell.   

The stopped drivers will often use their hands to wave me across in front of them.  This welcome signal is greatly appreciated.  However, it can also be disastrous if the Eastbound driver waves a person through and a car traveling Eastbound in another lane fails to stop.  A serious collision will result if that is the case.    

I have represented people in "wave through' crashes that have sustained serious injuries.   These crashes are heartbreaking because the person waving the vehicle across was simply trying to help. However, their actions caused someone to be injured.   As a result, they may be responsible for causing the crash.  

The bottom line is, do not wave a vehicle across in front of you until you confirm that it is safe for the crossing vehicle to actually cross.  If you do direct a vehicle to come across and a crash is caused as a result, you may end up being responsible for the crash.   

If you or someone you know has been involved in a crash where a driver or pedestrian waved you across the street then call Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer Jeremiah Ross. Ross Law will give you a free case evaluation if you call 503.224.1658.   Please remember everyone's situation is unique and that results may vary.  Please do not solely rely on this post for information and contact an Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer if you have questions.