Dealing with an Injury from an Ice Cycle and Falling Snow..

Portland Oregon's recent snow and ice is beginning to thaw.  As it does, snow and ice will begin falling from roofs, gutters, and awnings.  Falling snow and ice can be hazardous to pedestrians walking below.  Many people will not be seriously injured, but some people may be seriously injured.   Ice and snow falling on a person may cause head injuries and lacerations.  Insurance companies will often deny any person who claims to have been injured by falling snow and ice.   

What should you do if you, or someone you know, is injured by falling ice or snow:

  1. If seriously injured, immediately seek medical attention and/or call 911;
  2. If you are injured, or tending to the injured person, delegate someone to take photos and get information for you;
  3. Photograph the scene of the incident and any injuries;
  4. Try and get names and phone numbers of witnesses (ask them to send a text to your phone is the easiest way to do it);
  5. Try and obtain the address of the property where the ice or snow fell from;
  6. Have another person notify the property owner of the incident;
  7. Take photos of the ice or snow.  Use a finger or hand next to the ice or snow to provide some scale.
  8. Keep track of the medical bills
  9. Call an Oregon Personal Injury Attorney like myself at 503.224.1658.  An attorney is useful because they can notify the property owner, investigate the claim, and deal with the insurance company.  I don't charge for a consultation and work on a contingency fee in personal injury cases, so you don't have to pay for representation.

PLEASE CALL AN ATTORNEY AT 503.224.1658 IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS!  I am happy to provide free personal injury consultations.  Please remember: THIS POST IS NOT INTENDED TO BE "LEGAL ADVICE" and may be considered "Attorney Advertising."  The law is constantly changing, so it is best to call a lawyer and not rely on this post to determine if you have a personal injury case.